As good as Culver’s is, it’s still amazing to think there are now over 500 restaurants in 22 states for those of us who remember when there was just one in 1984.

You had to drive to Sauk City for a butter burger back then, and people did.

As Culver’s celebrates its 30th anniversary this week it is now one of the most popular and respected fast food chains in America. And that, first and foremost, is a tribute to Craig and Lea Culver.

Good guys stand out in the restaurant business. And Craig and Lea stand out. They are hands on, they care about their franchisees and their employees, and they give back to their communities in ways that don’t often get a lot of attention.

It was no surprise recently when the amazing story of an owner of a Platteville restaurant destroyed by fire keeping his 40 employees on the payroll with his own money turned out to own a Culver’s franchise. That’s the kind of spirit Craig and Lea just seem to inspire.

Congratulations Craig and Lea. It’s nice when something so delicious is also so good.