I've pretty much given up on the idea that anything in the world can dissuade Donald Trump supporters from their collective belief in the tooth fairy.

But, as someone who plays golf badly, I am still shocked to learn of this.

Trump owns a golf course in Westchester County, New York, and, like all golf courses, this one hosts charity events. Charity golf outings, in my experience, raise some money for charity but even more for the golf course. There's nothing wrong with that; it's part of how the courses stay in business. But the golf course isn't doing it for charity.

Trump's golf course hosted a charity outing in 2010 and, as part of that outing, there was a $1 million prize for anyone who made a hole-in-one on the 13th hole.

That's a pretty big prize (usually, you win a Chevrolet or something), but then, Trump courses are pretty wealthy courses.

At any rate, a fellow millionaire named Hank Greenberg actually made a hole-in-one on hole 13 and went to collect his $1 million.

Not so fast, the course said. In order to collect the $1 million, you have to hit the ball 150 yards, but the 13th hole distance is only 139 yards.

In other words, there was no way anyone playing in that golf tournament could win the $1 million. It was an empty promise.

Greenberg, being a millionaire, sued Trump and won -- not $1 million but, if I recall, about $158,000. And Trump paid the money not out of his own corporate pocket but out of a family foundation that was financed with other people's money.

I'm not even sure why I find this more astonishing than the other cheap tricks Trump has pulled.

Except that I would think that might be really bad publicity for a golf course, especially for a golf course that caters to rich, really rich, golfers.

In my experience, poor people dislike it when you make fools of them, but rich people really hate it when you make fools of them. Rich people think they're too smart to fall for crooked golf games.

Nor do I truly understand why Trump's family foundation is funded by non-Trumps. Why do other people give him money that he can then take credit for distributing? If they are modest, why aren't they just giving their money to a community foundation or something?

But the polls show that Trump has a better reputation for honesty than does Hillary Clinton.

God help us if we get the government we deserve.