It's just so frustrating that so much of our consideration of elected officials and public service focuses on ethics and money and leaked information.

It's an indictment of the American political system in the 21st century and it's disheartening.

But it's not surprising, and it's not limited to any one person or party.

Governor Walker's pay-for-play activities revealed in the leak of sealed John Doe documents appear roughly equivalent to Hillary Clinton giving access to contributors to her family's foundation, and on and on.

While Walker's fundraising is ethically questionable it is yet to be determined illegal.

Leaking the John Doe documents is both ethically questionable and illegal. And that's what passes for politics today, pushing boundaries of ethical behavior as much as possible, hiding as much as possible, and doing anything for money. And ultimately we are to blame, for electing these people, and doing nothing to force change.