Hoping, And Praying and Preparing

Superstorm Sandy is super scary.

Published On: Oct 30 2012 03:10:22 PM CDT   Updated On: Nov 01 2012 08:45:51 AM CDT
Car in flooded road, Jersey City, NJ, Hurricane Sandy

It is frightening to watch Hurricane Sandy make its way toward the East Coast of the United States to a destiny that is being predicted in terms rarely used with weather events such as this.

Because the path of the storm is so wide, and the area so densely populated, it seems as if everybody knows somebody who could face the impact and we are all worried.

Modern meteorology has provided us with days of warnings and seemingly accurate indicators of the scope of this storm and for that we are grateful. There has been time to prepare and for the most part that preparing seems to be taking place orderly and with purpose.

Still, this is really scary stuff, and our hopes and prayers are with those in the storm’s path, and their families and friends right here in our area who are watching and waiting and hoping and praying right along with us.