We're prepared to be accused of some parochialism for our opposition to moving state government offices to buildings outside of Madison, but we see a genuine risk beyond the obvious losses to Madison's tax base. This idea has been floated for some years now, and there's currently a pending proposal to move the Department of Financial Institutions from West Washington Avenue to Middleton. We're opposed.

First of all, as state Building Commission member state Sen. Fred Risser points out, it costs money to move. We don't see the justification for the cost of the DFI move. Second, given the current administration's short-sighted opposition to multi-model transit alternatives, it's expensive from an employee travel perspective. But most important we think the statewide perspective of Madison as the seat of state government, as the State Capitol, is important and deserving of some protection. We think any such proposed office move should be viewed with a presumption that the State Capitol is where state government buildings should be.