While we don’t agree with everything Bishop Morlino says, his words at the news conference announcing Catholic Charities will run the new county homeless day resource center resonated with us.

Morlino expressed the need for “real care and love and respect” for the homeless.

And we’re not seeing a lot of that in recent city discussions of panhandling and sleeping on the street from either side of the issues.

Where is the care and respect in allowing people to beg for money in city street medians or sleep where pedestrians have to step over them?

Where’s the love in our inability to provide these folks basic services and a place to sleep?

And why can’t we set aside our political differences when it comes to something as humanely necessary as caring for our most needy?

Simply saying 'no' is not an adequate response to our issues of poverty and homelessness. And it shows neither care, nor love nor respect.