Two people were injured in three separate crashes involving around 10 vehicles that closed Highway 151 Thursday, officials said.

Officials said deputies were dispatched to the scene of three separate crashes around 10:50 a.m. on Highway 151.

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Investigators said it appears that three cars were traveling southbound on Highway 151.

The third car driven by James J. Jajewski, 79, of Ripon hit the second car driven by Jose V. Sanchez, 35, of Waupauca. Sanchez then hit the first car driven by Steven P. Rist, 42, of Columbus. All three cars went into a ditch.

A fourth car, operated by William P. Goffard, 74, of Columbus came upon the crash, did not stop in time, and hit Jajewski's vehicle.

Olinda E. Goffard, 68, of Columbus was a passenger in William Goffard's car and  was sent to a local hospital with minor injuries, officials said.

The second crash happened when Douglas A. Hennig, 56, of Ripon was slowing down for the crash ahead of him and was struck by Michelle L. Stouffer, 46, of Juneau. Stouffer was then struck by Alice Van Fossen, 74 of Oregon.

According to a report another vehicle operated by Walter P. Yocius, 60 of Menasha avoided contact with all of the previously mentioned cars but did hit a different vehicle operated by Thomas E. Bogucki, 57, of Oregon.

Katie H. Vyse, 28, of Fall River veered to the right to avoid the crash but struck a road sign and rear-ended a vehicle operated by Deborah K. Challoner, 52 of Oshkosh, officials said.

Alice Inu, 74, of Oregon was a passenger in Alice Van Fossen's car and was transported to a local hospital.

Deputies are encouraging people to watch their speed and increase their following distance on roadways.