Squad car video is part of the evidence the Wisconsin Department of Justice is reviewing in the case of an officer-involved shooting on Madison’s east side Friday night.

Brent Brozek, 43, died after he was shot multiple times by more than one officer, according to Madison police. The shots were fired after Brozek charged at police twice with a large sword, police said.

The Division of Criminal Investigation was asked by Madison Police Chief Noble Wray to investigate the shooting. DCI said Monday it will not yet name the three officers who were put on leave following the shooting.

Traffic was shut down in the 900 block of Rockefeller Lane earlier in the day after Dane County deputies tried to serve Brozek an eviction notice. He refused to leave and gave deputies a reason to think he was armed, authorities said.

Law enforcement spent the day negotiating with Brozek, hoping to persuade him to leave the premises peacefully. Witnesses near the Rockefeller Lane scene said police were first heard on a voice amplifier at about 11:20 a.m. ordering Brozek to exit the home and drop weapons.

Police also said he had a history of mental health issues.

Monday’s statement from DCI said witnesses are being interviewed and information from the scene is being processed.