After a long-term investigation by authorities, an Oconomowoc man was sentenced Wednesday for his role in alleged cocaine trafficking in Jefferson County, according to a release.

Christopher A. Kline, 30, was sentenced to three years of probation for possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, according to the release.

According to officials, Kline avoided a prison term because his conduct was drive by his addiction to cocaine and because he did not financially profit from his involvement in the case.

Officials say as a result of this long-term drug investigation that started in November 2007, 24 individuals have been sentenced to prison.

Two individuals, Celestino Velazquez-Rodriguez and Emmanuel Pineda-Gonzalez, have been indicted for their role in the conspiracy and remain fugitives, according to the release.

Officials say the investigation started in February 2008 when police began wiretapping several telephones in multiple dwellings in Watertown and Janesville used by the cocaine trafficking operation.

Police monitored 8,000 calls from February to June 2008, in which members of the conspiracy were overheard conducting drug transactions and making arrangements to facilitate the sale of cocaine in the western district of Wisconsin, according to the release.

Officials say officers executed 11 search warrants on June 19, 2008, in the western and eastern districts of Wisconsin that resulted in the arrest of several defendants in Watertown, the seizure of over $100,000 in currency, several automobiles and multiple kilograms of cocaine.