As if I have not had many reasons to be angry with Florida this winter (it's been sunny and warm there), now I'm really ticked.

Specifically, I'm furious that some woman named "Ms . Lara Davies," who claims she's my sister. She lives in Fort Pierce, Florida and she's trying to steal the fake $10.5 million that I'm supposed to be getting from the completely made-up Inter-Continental Debt Reconciliation Department at the very real International Monetary Fund.

Of course, there's no such address nor any record of a Lara Davies who lives in Fort Pierce or Florida at all, but I have three older sisters already. I got put in dresses and makeup as a kid. I was forced to play the worst instrument in the house band. I sat on the hump seat in the back for years growing up, if I got a seat at all. Point being, I'm traumatized enough decades later that the idea of having another sister is just too much.

Good to know, this is all a scam and I can go back to my regularly scheduled therapy.

Just hit delete and have a great day.

If you have an email or a fake sister you want to warn your real neighbors about, please send it to me:


-----Original Message-----
From: Mr.James Williamson []
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 8:57 AM
Subject: Your Kind Attention!!!



Attention Beneficiary

This Notice is brought to you from IMF World Fund Discovery Management and Payment Bureau and this Bureau was set up by the World Bank and IMF to discover all outstanding payment being owned to Individuals all over the world through Inheritance and unclaimed Lottery payment.

This Bureau is authorized by the World Bank through the the IMF Board to pay your unclaimed inheritance payment of TEN MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ($ 10,500,000.00 USD) the which is targeted for Charity.

Based on our investigation of your payment, a woman with the name (Ms . Lara Davies) Came To Our Office With An Application Stating That she is your sister, You Gave Her The Power Of Attorney To Be The Beneficiary Of Your Outstanding Contract Award Funds. She Made Us To Believe That You Are Dead And That She Is Your Next Of Kin.

We Got Your Email Address And Decided To Send An Email Through This Address Hoping To Find Out If You Are Dead Or Alive And Also To Find Out If You At Any Time Gave This woman The Power Of Attorney To Receive Your fund Or Represent You Please Let Us Know Also If You Are Aware That We Are Almost Ready To Deliver Part Payment Of $ 5.6M Of Your Outstanding Awards Funds To Her the Address Stated Below:

Address: 107 Treasure Cay Dr Apt.209

City: Fort Pierce

State : FL Zip

Code: 35 957

Country: United States

Beneficiary: Ms Lara Davies

You are Advised to urgently confirm to this office with the information as requested below so that we will be able to process the final release of your fund to your respected account in your Country accordingly to avoid false claim .

Your Full Names:

Your Home Address:

Your Home Telephone: