Sorry I've been away for a few days, but we're back today with a doozy. We've mentioned a few times about a true sign that a simple spam email is actually more of a scam email is the attempt to play on your emotions.

In today's submission from Marcia in Fitchburg, we have the widow, Mrs. Grace Juli Bright, writing to us from a hospital in India where she's dying from breast and blood cancer. She doesn't have much time, she writes, and it was her late husband's dying wish to give away their $15 million fortune to charity. Well actually, Marcia would get $5 million for taking the time and effort to distribute the remaining $10 million to help "orphanages, widows, disaster Victims and to fund churches."

One simple internet search found Mrs. Grace Juli Bright, or whoever she/he is, has been playing this game for the last few years. All it took was ten seconds to find an email she/he allegedly sent back in 2011 when she/he was in a British hospital. In that email, she/he only had $12.7 million to distribute from a Nigerian company.

Another email she/he allegedly sent from last year has she/he with 35 million British pounds. She's in the British hospital in that one, but her return address email is different from the one in each of the other two emails.

I could go on, but let's just leave the final thoughts to Marcia in Fitchburg who sent this to me with the following question, "She sounds like a really nice lady, don’t you think???"

Ok, I can't help it. I'm not convinced Mrs. Grace Juli Bright is a lady period.

If you have an email you want to warn your neighbors about, feel free to send it to me at:

And then, just hit delete.

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From: "Mrs Grace Juli Bright"<>

Subject: REF: 28504GG

Date: February 28, 2014 at 12:38:14 AM CST

Reply-To: <>

Dearest Beloved,

I am Mrs Grace Juli Bright, age 71 wife of Late Mr George Morris

Bright we are both British Citizen. My husband worked as Senior

Manager with an Oil Company for Twenty Eight years before he died in

the year 2005. We were married for Thirty Five years without a child.


My Husband died after a brief illness that lasted only four days.

Before his death we were both born again Christians and after his

death I decided not to re-marry. Before my husband died, he had a cash

Investment of 15 Million United Dollars (Fifteen Million United State

Dollars) which he made me the Beneficiary.Presently I am in AAREX