B,     Your date of birth

                      C,    Your occupation

                      D,    Your account particulars where the sum will be paid into

                      E,     Passport photograph

                      F,     Full names of the deceased

                      G,   Bank particulars of where the money is domiciled

                      H,    Death certificate of the deceased

                      I,      Date and place of death

                      J,     Cause of death

                      K,     Placement of notice and caveat for application of letter of


                      L,     The sum of $200 for processing of letter of 

                              Administration from the Probate Registry;

                      M,   The sum of $200 for notice and placement Of Caveat

                         N,    The sum of $200 for execution of power of Attorney

                         O,   The sum of $150 to secure a death certificate for the deceased                                   

                                (If none has been issued)

                          P,   Application for payment to tia yau bank attaching all     

                                 relevant Documents.


Meanwhile, our professional fees shall be 3% of the total sum to be recovered. Payment can be made upon final recovery.



Kindly note that items K, and P, will be provided by our firm.