Since we started this project a few months ago, I have always wondered what might happen if I answered these spam emails. My gut told me I'd be hit up for either money or, more likely, personal information pretty quickly.

So, I told my plan to our IT people who tried immediately to put the kibosh on it. They have legitimate concerns about the safety of our systems here at work.

However, I figured if I followed the same rules I encourage others to (i.e. don't open up any attachments, don't click on any links, don't give up any personal information), I could use this as a teaching moment.

Here is my first effort at that.

I resolved also I would not lie about anything in order to get information. You'll see I responded from my work email, with my full title as part of my signature. There should be no question as to who I am or what I do.

Yet, it appears these people are so keen on and quick to spot a potential victim that they've not stopped to read the responses.

I have posted the email correspondence in the order I received it, plus I have included my responses. I hope by doing this, you will see what can happen, so you won't go through this in the future.

I'll continue to keep you all up to speed as this progresses. By the way, I don't have any relative named Dr. Dietrich Schrager.

Now, Mrs. Supini Thrunkul wanted me to keep this a secret. Hope she or he (not really sure who I'm emailing with) doesn't mind me sharing this with you.

But, let's keep it between all of us and not tell the IT people. Ok?


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I am Mrs. Supini Thrunkul from China Minsheng Bank,i need your cooperation to transfer 47.3 million dollars to any trusted account within your control. Contact me for more details.  Tel: 861056955728.

Still waiting for your response

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What can I do for you?


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