Here at the Spam Report, we pay attention to the details of your junk email so you don't need to. The hope is that we're spending far more time on these than you ever should, but hopefully, you can glean something from these to enable you to dismiss them out of hand.

At the start of the internet, you know back when Al Gore was inventing it and John McCain was inventing cell phones (bipartisan jokes), each country received a two-letter domain name exclusive to their nation (i.e. ".us" for the United States, ".ca" for Canada).

The ".com" and ".org" are open to the public and have become associated with companies and non-profits here in this country. The reason I bring this up is not because I want to be xenophobic, but because you ought to know who you're dealing business with.

Here's a list of the internet country codes:

So, in the example we have below, if we can get past the poor grammar and typos, we can focus on the fact that someone from Malaysia wants us to invest in a "100% risk free" natural gas project in Bangladesh and the email address they want us to respond to (.ae) is from the United Arab Emirates.

We know what to do with these types of notes.

We hit delete... but maybe we email them to me here to warn others beforehand.

Have a great weekend.


Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2014 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: I want you to be my partner please "?

Pardon me if I invaded your privacy,

My Name is SUHAILI BIN HASSAN  Director D'Sophia Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

However I understand the insecure nature of soliciting for business on the internet, unfortunately I have no other option than to search for credible foreign collaboration to partner with me in the actualization of a viable and profitable ADB Financed natural Gas project in Bangladesh.

All arrangements will be made under a legitimate framework.

The transaction is 100% risk free .

Full details will be disclosed to you on your expression of interest

I look forward to doing good business with you.

contact me

Warmest Regards