Often times in this blog, we feature the obvious clues to phishing or spam/scam emails as they're not hard to see (e.g. when they ask for your passport or bank account information). We know those are suspect and that we should never assume they're asked for in good faith despite our wish to believe in the inherent good nature of people.

However, you've also seen me write about the fine print. The story I always share about the importance of fine print is when my wife and I were buying our first home outside of Denver many years ago. No one had warned me about page 32 or whatever of the mortgage contract. That's the one which spells out exactly how much you'll pay in total if you pay off the mortgage in full over the life of the loan. It made me not want to read the fine print in the future, but reinforced the importance of doing so.

In the email we're featuring today, sent to us by Art S. in Madison, the fine print is what makes it so amusing and so telling. It's a standard phishing expedition that allegedly purports to help the recipient get Medicare coverage.

I'll let Art's own words take it from there: "I know you are always looking for these types of phishing emails.  I received 3 of these today.  Not only does it talk about how I need to enroll, but if you look at the very bottom there is a message about a deli sandwich shop in Houston and a Dublin Ireland address at the bottom of it for some reason! I was immediately taken by the Subject line.  I'm sure the Medicare program would send me an email with "Hi" in the title."

Art's keen powers of observation were spot-on. Not sure what a Houston gyro shop has in common with Medicare enrollment nor am I sure why an email about Medicare enrollment would come from a foreign country.

If you're not sure, then please, just hit delete.

Thanks Art for sending this in... and whetting my appetite. I haven't had a good gyro sandwich in a while.


-----Original Message-----
From: enrollment.period.23417139 []
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014 9:31 AM
To: Art S.
Subject: Hi, Medicare Enrollment Begins Soon. Notice #23417139

Notice:  Medicare Open Enrollment Starts Soon          


Medicare Recipient:  Art S.

Open Enrollment for 2015 Medicare Programs begins October 15, 2014 to December 7, 2014.

You can only change your Medicare or Prescription Drug plan during this Annual Election Period.  .

Let Medicare Providers help you find the best, most affordable Medicare plan for you.

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Notice: 9101510

Opt-off this request:

Dundrum Town Centre,Dundrum

Dublin 16, Ireland

PO Box, No. 309

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