From the get-go, running an anti-spam blog is like catching fish in a barrel. There's no shortage of options. It's an embarrassment of riches, if you will.

That opportunity extends to our News 3 viewers as well. They have responded with a slew of scam/spam emails and I am sharing another one today from Tim in Madison.

His note to me reads, "Perhaps you can pursue this fortune; I don't think 15 million would make that much difference in my life....  ;)"

How nice is that?

All the same, I'll just hit delete and will encourage you to do the same if you get something like this in the future.

That said, I'm a fan of the Paul Harvey, "Good day," greeting.

Have a great day.


-----Original Message-----


Sent: Sunday, June 08, 2014 3:58 AM



Good Day:

Sorry for this unexpected email,first of all,my name is Terry Holmes,I work with United Kingdom Attorney's Office. I understand that we have not met before,but I have full confidence that you are the right person to work with. I only need your assistance urgently in a business worth of fifteen million dollars (15,000,000.00usd)

Here are the details, Few years ago,my late client sold his estate,and deposited the fund in a bank as a fix deposit before he died. So presently the bank sent me a notification letter,stating that the fund is due for release and I should provide his beneficiary to enable them release the fund.

The Gospel truth is that,my late client has nobody to claim the fund.

Because he died along with his entire immediate family in a plane crash since May 22nd 2009, And no other relatives is aware of the existence of the funds. So I therefore decided to contact you as a reliable foreign partner to work with as the beneficiary to enable us claim the fund.

Thank You, I hope to here from you.

Best Regard

Mr. Terry Holmes   TERRY HOLMES

+44 708 762 8720