My very first News Director in this business, the person who took a gamble on a moppy-haired newbie who liked and still likes to wear gym shoes to work, was Anne Paape at WKBT-TV in LaCrosse.

I was thinking of Anne the other day and another former colleague, Tiffani Lupenski, who is now the News Director at KATU-TV in Portland, because of a specific and completely legitimate gripe they both have. Both of their first names are spelled differently than maybe they have been spelled in the past and both will reject out-of-hand any job applicant who spells their names wrong.

I remember Anne discarding resumes by the dozen because those seeking her favor had not done the most basic of things; ensuring they spelled her name correctly in their cover letters or on the envelopes. "If they can't get something as basic as that right, that's not someone we want in our newsroom," she said.

Those regular readers of this blog (i.e. my wife, Cathy, and sometimes, my mother, if she can figure where to click on the Channel3000 page) and those irregular readers of this may have noted my disdain for poor spelling and poor grammar and I'm not talking about my liberal use of commas and semicolons. Fractured sentences, butchered nouns, verbs and adjectives are telltale signs in a spam/scam email that chicanery is afoot.

Anyway, in today's submission, we have an allegedly dying woman who wants to donate nearly $2 million to me on an ATM card of which I'm supposed to give 30 percent to charity, and yet, she cannot even spell the word effort correctly in the subject line ("Effore").

I'd recommend you do as Anne and Tiffani do when they get something like this. 

Just hit delete.

Take care,


-----Original Message-----
From: Mrs Vivian Saleh []
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2014 6:17 PM

My Dearest Friend,

Thank you for your past effort, I understand the totality of points on a line with my bank despite that we failed to comply with International fund transfer instructions. I later succeed and the fund has been transferred and programmed into certified  international Automated Teller Machine card {ATM VISA CARD} which i dropped to my secretary while I instructed him to get it send to you as soon as you contact him I actually appreciate your past assistance and commitment. The programmed ATM VISA card worth $1,850, 000usd (one million eight hundred and fifty thousand united state dollars) and you can withdraw your funds in any  ATM visa card machine around the world.

My pleasure is a polite reaction to thank you for this, though I may not have the time to reach you again because I’m hospitalized for cancer and lungs infection in one Australian hospital which may lead to a sudden death, according to medical reports. Please kindly donate 30% of this fund to the charity organization, More especially {orphans at the motherless babies homes} Please this is a confidential Mather and never regard it as any of those conspired internet stories.

Contact my secretary immediately so that he should send your programmed Atm Visa card to you. Please remember to donate 30% of this total funds to charity organization as this has been my promise to God before i took ill, his name is Mr.Malik Kanote of trinity chembers and associates, his email address is,

Please contact him with the following information below to avoid wrong delivery, and remember to keep me updated becuase i have sent several mails concerning this mather to you without any response.

Your Full Name.

Contact address.

Phone Number.

May God bless you,

Best regards,

Mrs. Vivian Saleh.