Learning a second language can be challenging. Often times, we don't realize how difficult English is to learn to those who speak another language, especially if their native tongue is not similar to ours like French, Dutch, German or Spanish.

It's not only understanding spelling and grammar, but also the proper use of words and how they can have multiple meanings.

Take, for example, what we see below where we have a "lawyer" named "Brown Morgan," who apparently has a high-ranking government official from Ghana as a client. Morgan has allegedly been tasked with finding a "trustworthy and competent person" to help his client get access to $148 million for foreign investment.

I thank them for their faith in me. I do like to think I'm trustworthy and competent except when it comes for some reason to remembering to take out the garbage. Otherwise though, I'm their guy.

Now here's where the language part of this gets a little interesting. The money, which of course is non-existent since this is a spam/scam, but it ostensibly is being "held in the Suspense Account of my Bank." I am not sure I want to equate $148 million coming my way with any kind of suspense. I don't want to be nervous or scared when I am awash with cash. The word choice seems to run counter to the promised "profit-oriented and risk free transaction," don't you think?

I'm guessing this email did not come from a native-English speaking country, but maybe I'm simply reading more into it than is necessary.

Either way, just hit delete.

Have a great day.


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2014 1:45 PM

RE: Your Participation.

My client is a serving Top and Senior Government Official in the Government of Republic of Ghana and has mandated me to source for a trustworthy and competent person that will be able to work with me to receive the sum of US$148 million been held in the Suspense Account of my Bank for intelligent Safekeeping and Foreign Investments.

I therefore wish to contact you on the above subject matter to seek for your assistance and participation in this profit-oriented and risk free transaction. If you are interested and consider yourself to be capable to handle this transaction, you are by this message advised to send me your contact telephone numbers for discussion of this Business Proposition in full details. In addition, you will retain 25% of the US$148 million upon receipt.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best Regards,                    

Brown Morgan, ESQ

Barrister & Solicitors.