For 132 days, I have tried to point out the ridiculous nature of many spam emails that come through each of our in-boxes. 132 days.

The whole idea behind this was to share these publicly, so no one would fall for them privately. You all who read this (i.e. Mom and a couple others) have loyally shared other emails you don't want your neighbors to fall for and now, you're preaching the anti-spam gospel as well.

Today's viewer-submission comes to us from Stacey U. I really don't need to do any more than to simply copy and paste his note to me, explaining why he wanted this shared.


I get these every so often. This one just caught my Eye ( and Email server) 

I am turning this one over to the grammar Police..

I do not think that anyone from the “UN” uses a “G-Mail or HOTMail” Account as an Email.. ( call me “Skeptical”)

I NEVER ever respond to these, due to all the Phishing, and Hacking software out there.

Have fun with this.. :)


I feel like I might be letting Stacey down by not having as much fun with this as I do others, but let's just point out that in the word United Nations, both the "U" and the "N" are capitalized. Don't see that entity called the "Un" all that often.

If there's one rule of thumb in these, it's that we never open up attachments from people we don't know. Never. Ever. The Cubs will win the World Series before we do that and even then, we'll be so giddy and dizzy that we'll want to hug total strangers and profess our love to all things "Clark the Cubby Bear" even if he doesn't have pants that we won't have time to open up attachments from people trying to scam us.

Sorry, I got away from myself there for a moment.

Thanks Stacey for sending this in.

If you have an email you want to warn your neighbors about or one that can simply make the author of this blog chuckle, please send it to:,.

And then, just hit delete.


From: Anthony Lake <>
Reply-To: <>
Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 4:32 AM

Dear Beneficiary,

Kindly view attached letter for details of compensation award approved in your favour.


Anthony Lake