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Investigation into 1947 cold case continues

Officials meticulously sifting through buckets of earth by hand

JANESVILLE, Wis. - Wright and Rotamer roads aren't tourist destinations but the yellow tape and flurry of activity has people stopping by Janesville's northeast side to take pictures.

"Mostly curiosity, I want to see what kind of progress they're making," said Tim Jensen, who lives in Janesville.

Danielle Ludwig of Milton said she and her friend Monica decided to take a detour during their bike ride.

"I just wanted to figure out what was going on and see what everyone was talking about," said Ludwig.

About 20 investigators are working to unearth clues as to what happened to 8-year-old Georgia Weckler, who went missing in 1947.

"My grandparents' farm was just around the corner from where the Wecklers were," said Pat Northy from Janesville.

Janesville's Public Works Department removed several trees at the site and brought in a backhoe to help investigators move more soil.

"We have to be real careful not to disturb it too much and hopefully not destroy evidence," said Captain Todd Christiansen with the Rock County Sheriff's Office.

Christiansen said they're meticulously sifting through buckets of earth by hand. They're concentrating on 10 foot by 10 foot sections in the back corner of the lot.

A tipster led officials to the piece of property, and whatever they uncover will be sent to the state crime lab.

Investigation into 1947 cold case continues

"They can use relatives to narrow the DNA down and help us identify the remains if we find any," said Christiansen.

Specially trained dogs were also brought to the scene.

Onlookers are hoping this investigation will finally thaw out the more than six-decades-old cold case.

"I hope for the family they find her, and I'm hoping they find somebody who did this to the family," said Northy.

Tuesday was the second day law enforcement officers have put in 10 hours out at the scene. It's unclear how long the search will continue there.

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