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Crooks use technology to rip off consumers and businesses

Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) are being used to defraud businesses and consumers reports the Internet Crimes Complaint Center.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, all telephone companies must provide this service for individuals with hearing or speech impairments so they will be able to communicate with others. Well, you might know the crooks would find a way to use this technology to rip us off!

According to the center, auto repair shops are a prime target. Using the TRS system, the crook contacts the repair shop and claims the car has to be shipped to the shop for work and asks that the repairs and shipping fees be charged to a credit card. The charge goes through without a problem. Then the business is asked to wire the money to the shipper to cover the shipping costs. It is only after this that the business is notified the credit card is either a fake or stolen and the company has to bear the loss of the wired money.

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