A British company has invented a new line of underwear we can all "get behind."

Shreddies, manufactured in Leicestershire, England, promise to trap and neutralize the smell of farts through a highly absorptive carbon cloth woven into the back panel, according to the New York Daily News.

The fabric, called Zorflex, is used in chemical warfare suits and is said to be able to filter out odors 200 times stronger than the average human flatulence.

The cloth is reactivated when you wash it.

Originally designed for sufferers of digestive disorders, orders have jumped by 400 percent since word of the odor-neutralizing undies went viral online a few days ago, spokeswoman Ianthe Betts-Clarke told The Huffington Post.

"Americans are making up the majority of our sales at the moment," she said.

Men's boxer briefs cost between $39 and $45, while women's panties are about $31 to $34.