Madison police made a renewed plea to the public Monday for any information about a sexual assault and attempted murder on the Capital City Trail that happened one year ago.

A passer-by called police around 1:40 a.m. that day and said a 33-year-old woman had been sexually assaulted near South Livingston Avenue and East Wilson Street.

The woman told police that she was choked, beaten and sexually assaulted after being ambushed from behind and dragged into the bushes. After the attack, she crawled back toward the path.

The case not only shook the community, but also MPD Chief Mike Koval.

"This was the most heinous crime I had seen committed with a survivor," he said. "The suspect probably left her for dead."

After the assault, safety improvements like additional lighting were made to the trail, but police said they aren't much closer to locating the attacker.

"This case has generated in excess of 200 different leads between internal and external sources," Koval said. "We've taken DNA swabs of over 60 individuals."

Koval said the sketch remains a critical piece of information to help solve the case. Without it, he said, police would be even further away from solving the case.

"Fundamentally, we'd be at a very basic level, barely crawling," Koval said.

Koval said two detectives are assigned to the case and they are working on a "week-to-week basis constantly looking at potential suspects both here and throughout the Midwest states."

Police need the community's support to solve the crime and bring the victim some sense of closure, Koval said.

"We want to try to sort of jump-start and again keep some lead actions flowing to us," Koval said. "We're hoping that today, on its one year anniversary, sad and tragic as it may be, that we can enlist the community's support in once again calling in, emailing in, using whatever tips we can generate."

That victim, Koval said, moved out of the state and may never be able to recover from the brutal assault.

"I dare say that I don't know that anyone can ever come back fully from the kinds of trauma (from) this occasion," he said.

Police ask anyone with information, or who may know the suspect in the sketch, to call Crimestoppers at 608-266-6014.