Janesville woman calls for action over botched roofing job

Janesville woman calls for action...

JANESVILLE, Wis. - A Janesville woman is calling for action after a contracting job left her with a leaking roof that her insurance company won't cover.

Cynthia Eiback contracted Red Hawk Roofing to replace her roof last spring. Five thousand dollars and a few days later, her ceiling began to leak.

Aside from damage within her home from those leaks, Eiback's insurance company won't cover the roof, citing faulty installation by Red Hawk Roofing.

"If I was to go sell my house right now, it wouldn't pass. An inspection for the roof. I would have to re-do it to sell my house."

Other contractors have quoted her for $8,000 to fix the problem.

Eiback said she called Red Hawk multiple times over the months but was never able to resolve the problem. The company did not return News 3's calls for comments, either.

Eiback has since contacted DATCP and is considering taking the company to small claims court.

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