A mother says she saved the lives of her kids by laying down behind her car to stop it from rolling into traffic.

Mindy Tran, 22, from Lawrence, Mass. said her twin daughters were in the back of her Honda Accord when it began rolling into the street. "I laid down horizontally, using my body as a speed bump to stop the car," she told ABC News.

Her neighbor noticed what was going on and rushed over to get the girls out of the car safely. Firefighters used wooden blocks and an airbag to lift the car off Tran, who was then airlifted to a Boston-area hospital.

Tran suffered from a broken leg, injured hips and a dislocated shoulder. She will help her twins celebrate their third birthday in the hospital. She told ABC News, "It's not going to be the same for them celebrating a birthday here at the hospital, but as a mother I want to see them."