Milwaukee Man Fined $500 For Cursing On Bus

Man Given Ticket By Undercover Deputy

MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee man said he thinks it's pretty darn ridiculous that he got fined $500 for swearing on a county bus.

Terry Duncan said that he considers it un-American to get slapped with a $500 disorderly conduct fine for saying two words. The words in questions started with the letters "f" and "s." After Duncan uttered them last Tuesday, an undercover deputy ordered him off the vehicle and handed him the ticket.

Duncan said he's new to Milwaukee, didn't know about the law and pointed out it's not posted anywhere in the bus. He said he simply cursed during a conversation and that the words weren't directed at a specific person. He said he'll fight the ticket in court.

A spokeswoman for Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said he's warned the public about his zero-tolerance approach to disorderly conduct on buses. She said he considers it a quality-of-life issue.

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