Midget wrestling at an Arizona casino is sparking controversy, with some little people calling it offensive.

Known as "Extreme Midget Wrestling," the event at Fort McDowell Casino draws big crowds, Phoenix TV station KPHO reported.

But Chandra Streitt, who is a dwarf, doesn't like it.

She says she's experienced discrimination all her life, and this is just another form of it.

"It really does hurt me whenever people say, 'Look mom, there goes a midget' and I do turn around and correct them," Streitt told KPHO.

She said whenever the word "midget" is used in a public forum, it's a step backwards for her and other little people.

Streitt said she's not asking that Saturday's scheduled event be canceled, but wishes it was advertised differently.

"If they want to wrestle more power to them, like I said, we can pretty much do anything an average height person can do, so I get that, but don't use that word," she said.

Calls to both the Extreme Midget Wrestling Federation and Fort McDowell Casino were not returned.