Police arrested a 55-year-old Madison man last Tuesday night for allegedly stealing from a Walgreens and attacking an employee, according to a release.

Officials said they were called to the Walgreens at 4641 Verona Road around 7:50 p.m. on a report of a man who stole merchandise from the store and attacked an employee.

Store employees told police Robert Garel was fidgeting with items on a shelf. When an employee offered to put his plastic bag behind the counter for safekeeping, Garel handed over his bag, went to another aisle and concealed air fresheners in his pocket.

An employee confronted Garel about the theft, and he gave the stolen items back, police said. Garel told the employee he wanted his bag back, but she wouldn’t give it back because she thought merchandise inside the bag was also stolen.

Garel then went behind the counter and started shouting, “Give me back my bag,” at the employee, according to the release. The employee threated to hit Garel with the air fresheners if he didn’t get away from her and police were called immediately.

Police found other stolen items in Garel’s bag, and he was arrested on charges of theft and disorderly conduct, and for a probation violation.

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