An man recently released from police custody stole an ambulance to drive himself home from the police station.

According to CBS5, Cesar Garcia, 33, had just been released from custody at the Chandler, Arizona police station on a citation for having an open beer container at a store. "Once released, it appears that Garcia did not want to walk home to the Guadalupe area, so he took off in an ambulance that was parked at the police department," Chandler police spokesman Joe Favazzo said in a statement.

After tracking the ambulance with a GPS, they followed Garcia as he drove to his home. When police tried to arrest him, Garcia became confrontational and one officer suffered minor injuries. Garcia was also injured during the struggle and taken to the hospital. While he was being treated, he spit in one of the attending nurse's eye, police said.

Following treatment, Garcia was booked into jail on multiple charges of theft of means of transportation, aggravated DUI, resisting arrest, two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, unlawful flight, criminal damage and aggravated assault on a healthcare professional. His original citation was a simple misdemeanor.