A man in China purchased one first-class airplane ticket and used it to eat free meals for nearly a year in an airport's VIP lounge.

According to a report from Malaysian Chinese newspaper Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the man bought the Eastern China Airlines ticket and used it to gain access to the airport's VIP lounge in Xi'an airport in Shaanxi, China. The man simply showed his ticket to lounge staff before his trip and then ate and drank for free, a privilege granted to all first-class passengers.

Afterward, instead of getting on the flight, he would change his flight's departure to another day. The next day he would go back to the lounge and show the staff his newly issued ticket for the revised date, which allowed him to eat and drink for free again. He did this over 300 times in one year.

Staff eventually became suspicious when they discovered the man had moved his flight booking on so many occasions. When China Eastern Airlines officially started investigating, the man simply cancelled his ticket before it expired and was able to get a full refund.