One man's dying wish for one moment of unexpected kindness has turned into an ongoing campaign of giving in his name.

Aaron Collins died July 7, 2012, of unknown causes in a Lexington, Ky., hospital. After his death, his family found a will on his computer that included the following request:

"Leave an awesome tip. And I don’t mean 25%…I mean $500 on a … pizza…for a waiter or waitress."

Since then, Collins' older brother Seth and his family have been on a mission to fulfill that last wish.

After a video documenting the first tip went viral, donations poured in for Seth Collins to do it again... and again.

On Monday, nearly the one-year anniversary of his brother's death, Seth Collins gave away the 54th tip in Aaron's memory, according to

That $500 tip came at Thre3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Indianapolis, where server Beth Foster was overwhelmed at receiving the generous gesture.

"It couldn't have come at a better time in my life," Foster told ABC News' Indianapolis, affiliate WRTV. "I'm a teacher just looking for a job and it's kind of hard right now."

So far, the effort in his brother's name has collected $60,000 in donations and Seth Collins plans to visit all 50 states to give out $500 tips until all the money is gone. Monday's visit to Indiana represented the 17th state in his mission, with Seth chronicling each tip on his blog.

Watch a clip of Seth giving away the 53rd tip in Lansing, Mich., below.