A 90-year-old Florida man is lucky to be alive after spending four days trapped in his car.

His neighbors in New Port Richey, Fla., told Tampa TV station WTSP they feel bad it took them so long to notice something was wrong.

"I had tears in my eyes, because I always watched out for him and then, when something happened, I wasn't there to help him," neighbor John Collins told the TV station.

Justyn Ambrozia broke his arm and hip during a trip to the grocery store last week.

But instead of calling an ambulance, employees helped Ambrozia up and put him in the front seat of his car, Collins told WTSP.

Somehow, Ambrozia managed to drive himself home and even backed into the garage.

But then he couldn't get out of the car.

Day turned into night and night turned into day several times over. Ambrozia said he yelled and honked his horn, but no one heard his cries for help.

Collins was the first person to find his friend, slumped in the front seat and his head barely peering over the steering wheel, WTSP reported.

"When they picked him up and put him on the gurney he was scrinched all up in a knot and everything," Collins said.