A Madison woman will spend the next 13 years in jail for killing her son in 2011.

A judge admonished Maria Castillo-Dominguez in court Monday for changing her story about her son's injuries too often.

Castillo-Dominguez was sentenced to 13 years in prison, and three years' probation, for the death of Luis Angel.

Castillo-Dominguez took her son to the hospital in June 2011 and said the child fell from a swing and hit his head.

She later told police she pushed the boy.

But doctors said his brain swelling and injuries were consistent with being thrown against a wall.

"You were frustrated and I have a good, great deal of sympathy for you," said Judge Julie Genovese in court Monday. "I know it must be very difficult to come to foreign country, you don't know the language, where you're work at minimum wage job. I believe you were victim of domestic violence."

Genovese said she would have had more sympathy for Castillo-Dominguez had she admitted what happened initially.