The number of people who bike to work has increased by 60 percent since 2008, according to a new report from the U.S Census Bureau. Madison is ranked second in the nation with the highest percentage of bikers commuting to work.

Noah Schneider, 15, has been riding his bike since he was kid. Schneider pedals his way to school and work every day of the year even during the winter months.

Over the years, Schneider has realized his childhood love of bike riding is not only fun but cost-efficient.

"It saves so much money. I could be driving if I wanted to, but with a bike I save gas money, car payments, insurance; all of that I don't have to worry about," said Schneider.

Local bike companies are also benefiting from the growing trend, Machinery Row Bicycles in Madison has already seen an increase in sales this year compared to last year. 

"We've had steady growth over the last six years, just more and more people buying bicycles. I think people are realizing that you know, commuting is not as hard as it may seem. After you get out and do it once, you realize how easy it can be; especially if you're used to fighting traffic in your car," said Assistant Manager Daniel Kragthorpe.

Commuters are not only biking more, bus rides are also on the rise and for some  it's about taking care of the environment.

"I believe in being green, I love to recycle so I feel like catching the bus is my part in giving back to mother earth," said bus commuter Stephanie Harris.

More than anything, commuters like Noah say they bike simply for the love of the ride.

"I learned how to ride my first bike and I ended up taking it apart soon after I got it, I wanted to know how it worked.I've always wanted to know how everything worked. I guess that's what started my love for all of this," said Schneider.