Madison officer who shot at Metro Market killer awarded

A Madison officer who exchanged gunfire with a killer was honored at a Madison Police Department event Monday.

Longtime Madison police officer Michelle Walker was awarded the Medal of Valor at a ceremony at the Monona Terrace.

She was credited with protecting the public and helping apprehend Christopher O'Kroley. O’Kroley shot and killed his former co-worker Caroline Nosal outside of the grocery store, Metro Market. Walker was the first on the scene near East Town Mall after O’Kroley was spotted the next day. The two exchanged gunfire before he was taken into custody.

“Bravely and courageously officer walker held her ground and shot back knowing she would stop the threat and be the next guardian to step up for many innocent bystanders,” Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said of Walker’s actions.

Two civilians were also honored for making the 911 call that alerted authorities to O’Kroley’s whereabouts. 

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