Local restaurant helps spread word about missing senior citizen

Stuart Austin has been missing since Jan. 3

Local restaurant helps spread word...

CLINTON, Wis. - Boxcars Pub & Grub has been handing out missing person fliers in every carry-out order and delivery to help spread the word about a missing elderly man from the town of Beloit

Owner Tim Pogorelski said he doesn’t personally know 84-year-old Stuart Austin, who has been missing since Jan. 3, but he has a special place in his heart for men like Austin.

“He’s a veteran and survived, survived the war, survived and served and came home,” Pogorelski said. “And then to have something like this happen, it just doesn’t seem right.”

Pogorelski has also put up posters in his restaurant and on each table.

“Mainly just to give the family some comfort. Let them know there’s people out there looking, caring,” he said. “It’s hard to imagine just disappearing like that. We just feel for the family.”

Town of Beloit police have been doing all they can to find Austin. They’ve had cars driving the area, checking routes Austin might have been driving on, and they’ve called on the National Guard and State Patrol to search from the skies, but nothing has been panning out.

“We’ve put so many different systems in place, as far as to find him, and we’re not getting any new information,” Chief Ron Northrop said.

The town of Beloit Police Department is working with the Rock County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Criminal Investigation to analyze information, like Austin’s phone records and computer.

“We’re at the point where we want to find out why he’s missing,” Northrop said. “Is he with a family member that don’t know that he’s reported missing?”

The department set up a tip line for any information people might have about Austin, but by Wednesday afternoon, Northrop said there have only been two tips, and they were not credible.

“A lot of the tips that we get are two to three days later, when people are reporting this,” he said. “And it’s very difficult for law enforcement to actually go out and try to pinpoint areas.”

Northrop said people who spot Austin or his white 2013 Lincoln MKS with license plate 308-FCL should call 911 immediately and follow him while talking to dispatch, if possible.

Anyone who has information about where Austin might be can call the tip line at 608-757-7911.

People are also encouraged to change their Facebook profiles to a picture of Austin's missing person flier to help spread the word on social media.

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