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Woman suspected of 'bootlegging with a baby carriage'

Baby stroller used to lift merchandise, police say

MADISON, Wis. - A woman used a stroller to steal merchandise from a Walgreens store and admitted she was going to sell stolen alcohol for cash, according to Madison police.

A pharmacy associate at the store at 620 S. Whitney Way told police he watched Thursday afternoon as a woman filled her stroller with diapers and detergent and covered some of the merchandise with a blanket. He confronted the woman who tried to leave without paying, and she turned over nearly $90 worth of merchandise, according to police.

Employees called the nearby Copps Food Center to warn them about the woman at the same time she was trying to return detergent at the grocery store without a receipt, police said. The Walgreens employees told police they believed the woman still had a bottle of detergent.

Police said they found a bottle of detergent and a bottle of tequila in Beverly J. Clayton's stroller. The 49-year-old Madison woman told police she got the tequila from a bootlegger. She eventually admitted to officers the bootlegging she was referring to was stealing alcohol from stores and reselling it on the street. She told police she stole the alcohol and planned to sell it for cash.

Clayton was arrested on suspicion of two counts of retail theft and on a probation hold.

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