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Warmer temperatures heats up car wash business

Experts say monthly cleaning prevents rust

MADISON, Wis. - 23890338

With the "polar vortex" thankfully in our rear view mirrors, drivers are hurrying to have their weather-beaten cars washed before another scheduled drop in temperatures.

Relatively warmer weather meant business was booming at the Octopus Car Wash locations in Madison.

"It's almost like a new car feeling,' exclaimed Greg Trudeau, just one driver who endured long lines to rid his car of salt and snow. "I like to keep it clean. With the weather and with it being so cold, the car's gotten kind of crusty. It's time to get it cleaned up."

Just how much washing, drying, detailing, and vacuuming goes into getting each car cleaned up and back out on the open road?

"No more than about two to three minutes," said Octopus Car Wash employee Charles Guitton. "We wash like 80 cars in an hour."

The speed keeps the line moving and the customers happy.

"We try to make people happy so where as they can come back," said Guitton.

Of course, the question that has to be asked is, with wintry weather prepared to strike at any moment, is the clean up worth all of the trouble?

"Well, you've got those couple of weeks where it looks real good," laughed Guitton.

Experts say having your car washed at least once a month during the winter will help prevent rusting and other damage to your car from road salt.

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