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Walker's book tour fueling 2016 speculation

Charles Franklin says Walker would face uphill battle with name recognition

MADISON, Wis. - Walker's book tour fueling 2016 speculation

Gov. Scott Walker is doing some high-profile interviews this week as part of a tour for his new book and the appearances are fueling buzz about a potential presidential run in 2016.

Walker was on the set of CBS "This Morning" on Monday to promote his book, "Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge," which is set to release Tuesday.

"Overall, people in America, I think, are frustrated with everyone in Washington," Walker said. "Not just Republicans, not just Democrats, with both. And the lack of getting things done."

In the interview with Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell, Walker once again said that he believes the next nominee on the GOP ticket for president should come from outside Washington, ruling out Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan and others, like Senators Marco Rubio or Rand Paul.

"I think any of the 30 Republican governors would be a marked improvement over this president," Walker said.

"But some of the people who look at you and what you said say, 'He has defined it and he had one governor in mind and it is the governor from Wisconsin,'" Rose said.

"Oh no," responded Walker. "I think in the end you look at the difference out there and people see governors as being more optimistic, more relevant and more courageous."

But in "Unintimidated," Walker sounds to some like a potential nominee. He criticizes 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney for a lack of passion, detail and even compassion in his campaign.

Then in a chapter titled "How the lessons of Wisconsin can be used in the battle for America," Walker makes the case for winning independents he says he won in the recall.

"To make a conservative comeback we need to be able to win these Obama-Walker voters and their equivalents in other states. The way to win over those in the middle is not by abandoning your principles. The way to win the center is to lead," Walker says in the book.

Marquette Law School professor Charles Franklin said Walker would face an uphill battle with name recognition, but his name is on many short lists because of his conservative appeal.

"A lot of people are thinking about who has the advantages in republican primary states and with republican electorates," Franklin said. "And his position on issues, his record, is appealing to Republican primary voters."

That list of potential Republican governors would also include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whom Walker watched the Packers game with Sunday night on the East Coast. Walker stopped short of endorsing Christie in that CBS interview as well.

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