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Walker withdraws nomination of regent who signed recall petition

Senate to vote on appointments as early as next week

MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker refuses to say why he withdrew the nomination of a University of Wisconsin-Platteville student to the Board of Regents.

The governor's office announced Joshua Inglett's name would be withdrawn Thursday morning after reported Inglett's name was in a recall petition database.

"We're not going to pull him through all that, there's plenty of good candidates out there to go forward in that regard," said Walker. "I think the other two regent appointees we made were widely applauded for what they bring to the table and there will be plenty of good candidates."

"We've got plenty of other good candidates and we're not going to get into specifics about it," said Walker. "We made a decision in our office to withdraw the nomination and we'll be submitting another student to be one of the regents."

Inglett is a Portage native and UW Platteville engineering physics major and was nominated Monday for the traditional student regent position.

Senate to vote on appointments as early as next week

Walker said Monday Inglet would "serve the UW System and his fellow students well."

Inglett said in an email there are more important issues for the regents to focus on than his nomination status.

Inglett said he would still love to serve the UW System but "if Wisconsin thinks that I am unable to serve then that is the choice that has been decided for me."

"You can't continue to hold these recall petitions over somebody's head like a giant black ball," said Sen. Jon Erpenback, D-Middleton. "And that's exactly what the governor's office seems to be doing."

"No legislator and no governor should make a litmus test, did you sign or didn't you sign. We are never going to get anywhere as a state if we continue to do this and I think it's time for Scott Walker to let all that go," said Erpenbach.

Sen. Dalte Schultz, R-Platteville, has sent a letter to the governor asking him to reconsider the nomination.

A Senate committee was scheduled to confirm Inglett's nomination in a vote Thursday but his name was removed from the ballot.

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