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Walker signs early voting bill with partial veto

Governor vetoes portion of bill limiting hours, keeps prohibition on weekend voting

MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker has quietly signed into law a bill that limits in-person absentee voting to no later than 7 p.m. during the week and no weekend hours.

Walker vetoed a portion of the bill Thursday that limited the hours of early voting to no more than 45 in each of the two weeks prior to an election. He kept the prohibition on weekend voting.

Democrats strongly opposed the measure, saying it was targeted at tamping down turnout in heavily Democratic cities of Milwaukee and Madison which held extended hours during the 2012 presidential election.

Scot Ross, director of liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now, says the law is unconstitutional and likely will be challenged in court.

Walker's spokeswoman Laurel Patrick says the bill is about ensuring uniform voting hours.

Walker's Democratic opponent for governor, Mary Burke, was touring small business Incubator Sector 67 on Madison's east side Thursday and said the early voting restriction is all about November.

"This is simply a blatant example of putting hurdles in front of people's right to vote, trying to manipulate the elections come up in November," Burke said. "As governor, I would make sure that people, every eligible voter has the opportunity to vote."

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