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Walker says Evers win doesn't affect vouchers

Evers opposes private voucher school expansion

MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker said he disagrees with state superintendent Tony Evers' assessment that his re-election victory on Tuesday means voters disapprove of private voucher school expansion.

"If that was the case, I won (election) too," Walker said. "I don't think (state superintendent) was a race that got much attention compared with the state Supreme Court race, so I don't think it has a factor whatsoever."

Evers opposes Walker's plans to expand voucher schools and mentioned that position frequently during his re-election campaign against voucher backer state Rep. Don Pridemore. Evers also advocates strongly for more public school spending, which Walker has not provided under his budget.

Evers said his election win showed voters were rejecting Walker's education proposals.

Walker says Evers win doesn't affect vouchers

"I do believe that was a message that was sent," Evers said. "Elections do matter."

Evers said the state legislature was "headed in the right direction" on increasing public school funding and modifying Walker's voucher proposal.

The legislature's Joint Finance Committee on Thursday begins a series of four public meetings on the budget, including education proposals, in the Milwaukee suburb of Greenfield.

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