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Walker might use new program to complete college degree

Flex-degree program could help governor complete degree he started 24 years ago

MIDDLETON, Wis. - The governor is considering using a newly launched educational program to complete his college degree.

Gov. Scott Walker spoke to students at Elm Lawn Elementary School in Middleton Wednesday morning.

Walker left Marquette University 34 credits short of graduating so he could start working at the Red Cross 24 years ago. He studied mostly political science while he was there.

Walker said he's looking at the new flex-degree options to get the degree, and said this conversation is about a bigger picture.

"What we're really trying to get at is reduce the amount of time and money that it takes, but still have it be competency based," Walker said. "The whole idea with the flex option is that it's not just an online alternative classroom that could be an option, but part of it is just competency based testing, so that if someone's got a base of knowledge they could prove that and earn credit for it."

Walker said if he could find the right course load he would do it, but he dodged the question on whether he needs a college degree in order to run for president.

"I've gotten to be governor without it, so I don't think it's any base requirement out there. I just think it would be a good thing. I think it's a good thing to encourage others to do," Walker said. "For me, it would be not because of any requirement, for example to be governor, as much as it would be ultimately to send a message encouraging others."

The governor went on to say there are significant needs in the fields of engineering and health care that do require higher education, and people should strive to get the education needed to get those jobs.

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