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Walker announces funding for local govs.

Funds for general transportation, connecting highway projects, expressway policing

MADISON, Wis. - Local governments across the state received funding for general transportation aid, connecting highway aid and expressway policing aid, according to a release.

Gov. Scott Walker announced Tuesday the funds totaled more than $104 million and went to 1,923 local units of government.

According to the release, the funds coming from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation include more than $100 million in general transportation aid, about $3 million for municipalities entitled to receive connecting highway aids and near $256,000 to Milwaukee County for expressway policing aid.

Local governments will share an estimated $416.6 million in reimbursements from the state transportation fund for the 2013 calendar year, according to the release. The funds help cover the costs of constructing, maintaining and operating local roads, streets and bridges.

Local governments are eligible to receive state transportation funds for public transit, elderly and disabled transportation and airport and harbor development from WisDOT, officials said. State and federal funds are also allocated for specific highway and bridge construction projects.

For a list of funds to local governments, click here.

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