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Victim identified robbery suspect from photo

Photo of man suspected in 25-30 robberies picked from array of photos

MADISON, Wis. - A robbery victim picked the photo of a man police suspect in 25-30 robberies in downtown Madison from an array of photos after the robbery, according to police.

Kendredge Dillard, 21, of Madison, was arrested Oct. 24. in Illinois and is charged with armed robbery and burglary while armed with a dangerous weapon. Police believe Dillard is connected to a string of armed robberies and other incidents in the Madison area.

Dillard appeared in court Thursday and bail was set at $7,500. He was ordered to not have contact with the victim of a Oct. 23 robbery or possess a dangerous weapon.

A criminal complaint states that in the Oct. 23 robbery in the 500 block of Mifflin Street, the victim came home and went into his bathroom. A robber entered the bathroom with a gun and demanded his phone and wallet. Once the robber left the victim yelled outside the building for someone to stop to robber.

The victim identified Dillard from an array of photos as the man who robbed him, according to police.

Madison police said they are looking for additional suspects that may have been involved in the robberies.

The incidents police believe Dillard is connected to happened in the Vilas and Greenbush neighborhoods surrounding campus, and involved stolen wallets, small electronics and iPhones.

UW police are helping with the investigation but they believe none of the incidents happened on campus.

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