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Victim falls during abuse trial

'SLC' expected to resume testimony

MADISON, Wis. - The victim in a child abuse case fell to the floor during the retrial of her father in Dane County Court on Wednesday.

Chad Chritton, 42, is accused of starving his daughter and keeping her in a basement. He was convicted in March on one count of child neglect. He's being retried on five felony counts, including endangering safety, false imprisonment, child neglect, child abuse and failure to prevent a sexual assault.

During Wednesday's testimony, the girl, referred in court documents as SLC, asked the judge for a bathroom break. The jury left the room and after the girl stood up she fell slowly to the floor.

The trial resumed a short time later. The girl told the jury she had to sneak out of the basement to get food and sneak it back in. She said if she got caught she was given extra chores. She also said her father beat her up, and the basement door locked and had an alarm on it.

During the opening statements both sides began laying out their case. Prosecutors argued Chritton and his wife, Melinda Drabeck Chritton, locked his 15-year-old daughter in the family's basement without food or a bathroom.

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