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Two arrested in connection with 2011 homicide

Seven others previously arrested in connection with slaying

MADISON, Wis. - Two Madison men were arrested as part of an investigation into a 2011 homicide, according to Madison police.

Anthony Poindexter, 25, and Andrew O. Ellis, 26, were arrested Wednesday without incident on suspicion of party to first-degree intentional homicide, according to police.

Seven others were also arrested.

All were charged in connection with the death of 20-year-old Jonathan Wilson, who was fatally shot in the 800 block of Troy Drive on Oct. 20.

Another male victim was grazed by a bullet and wasn't seriously injured.

A complaint said the incident started with one person earlier that night chasing a rival gang member's younger brother with a two-by-four and that the shooting was a planned attack in which one gang was retaliating against another.

The alleged shooter, Demitrius Matticx, 18, is facing a first-degree intentional homicide charge. He's scheduled to appear in court for a motion hearing March 21 and a trial is scheduled to start May 7.

The six others faces charges of being party to the crime.

The complaint alleges a witness told police that before the shooting, Matticx was intent on revenge, saying, "Ain't nobody going to fight; I'm going to kill." He later added, "I'm not trying to fight anyone with poles and bats. I'm gonna take something worse," according to the complaint.

The complaint described the shooting as a planned attack with at least 10 shooters running and firing weapons on Vera Court. The attackers were wearing masks "similar to the white mask worn by "Jason" in the horror movies," according to the complaint.

According to the criminal complaint, Poindexter and Ellis were at an apartment when the retaliation plan was being discussed.

The complaint said Poindexter and Ellis were present on the night of the shooting as the "getaway driver." They were parked near 802 Vera Court so that if anything happened, they could "pull out and leave," according to the complaint.

The complaint also said that text messages between Ellis and another suspect showed the suspect asked Ellis to bring Poindexter and to come out for the retaliation and to bring firearms. Ellis replied by text that he'd be there in 15 minutes, according to the complaint.

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