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Teen found injured, unconscious at party near UW campus

Teen had BAC of 0.22 percent when he was taken to the hospital


A 16-year-old boy ended up injured and unconscious outside a house party near the UW campus early Sunday morning, according to Madison police, and officers are trying to figure out whether someone beat the teen up.

The incident happened just after midnight Sunday in the 300 block of North Breese Terrace.

According to police, the teen had a blood alcohol content of 0.22 percent when he was found. Police took him to a hospital, where it was determines he had a concussion, a hematoma to the right side of the head, a broken arm, and a broken shoulder.

Three men who hosted the party were cited for underage drinking and dispensing alcohol without a permit, according to police. Officers were told the party, which was advertised on Facebook, charged a $5 admission, and got out of control when many people the hosts did not know arrived.

Police said the victim was found lying in some grass near a church, where he evidently been carried, away from the party area.

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