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Sun Prairie boy is one of the few without a busted bracket

Four-year-old picks Kentucky and Connecticutt for the last game of the NCAA tournament

Sun Prairie boy is one of the few without a busted bracket

MADISON, Wis. - If you ask 4-year-old Henry Schoenherr how his bracket works, he will answer honestly.

"I don't know," Henry said.

If you ask him how basketball works, he'll give you another honest and slightly confusing account.

"My favorite part is when they kick it," Henry said.

But there's one thing the young bracket-eer knows well, and that's who he picked to go to the NCAA championship.

"That's Connecticut and Kentucky," Henry said.

Henry's dad, Andy, decided his son was old enough to understand how the tournament worked. He read the match-ups to Henry, sometimes offering up the mascots, and the 4-year-old made his picks.

Henry happened to pick Connecticut and Kentucky for the final match-up.

According to ESPN, less than one percent of people who submitted brackets had those teams as the last two standing.

"Every round, I was like there's no way. This is a longer shot, a longer shot. But the two kept winning, and I was like, he might have something here," Andy said.

Unfortunately, Henry's bracket wasn't submitted into any national competitions, but he definitely won the family's first pool.

"We're going to do it every year, I'll tell you that," Andy said.

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