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Subzero temperatures break 6 water mains in Madison

Cold weather causes problems with pipes

MADISON, Wis. - Subzero temperatures break 5 water mains in Madison

Temperatures reached a low of 12 degrees below zero in Madison Tuesday, and you don't have to tell that to Madison Water Utility crews. They spent much of the day repairing water mains that burst as a result of the frigid temperatures.

Madison Water Utility crews are responding to the 2700 block of Rimrock Road for Tuesday's sixth water main break. 

The water utility was first called out to 702 Wedgewood Way, near the Odana Hills Golf Course on the city's west side. They also addressed breaks in the 1900 block of Dolores Drive, the 600 block of Struck Street, the 4300 block of Bonner Lane and the 1300 block of Macarthur Road.

On the east side of Madison, on Dolores Drive, a crew had to dig 9 feet down to reach a ruptured 6-inch water main. The job was made tougher by the subzero temperatures.

"It is cold. There's no getting around it. You know, you dress up, you get a bunch of sweatshirts on," Madison Water employee Matt Grauvogel said.

The water utility has had to deal with a larger amount of breaks than usual this year due to the sudden cold this December combined with a lack of deep, insulating snow cover to start the season.

Madison Water Utility is asking residents that notice a sudden loss in water pressure, see water bubbling through the pavement or notice a large standing puddle of water that would normally be frozen to call the water main hotline at 608-266-4661.

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